anonymous prompted: Middle school/early high school (or another age if you want, but I think those would work best) klaine, one of them is nervous/embarrassed about having to wear braces (or glasses). When the big reveal happens, the other is super cool about it and comforts them. Just some nice fluff about inscurites.

“Well, it can’t be that bad, right?

“I don’t know, Kurt. You’re not the one getting them.”

Kurt furrows his eyebrows at that, hands placed firmly on the open textbook on his lap. Blaine sighs and leans back against the pillows. “Sorry,” he says, sheepishly, and Kurt’s eyes trail back to his book. “I just… I don’t want braces, okay? I don’t need them. My teeth are fine.”

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“You’re so stupid, you know that?”

Blaine’s voice sounds hollow to his ears as it echoes in the silent room. The heart monitor beeps, then, and Blaine looks over, stares at those little lines just to reassure himself that Kurt is alive, that he is okay—relatively speaking. That he isn’t reduced to another name in the paper, another sad story. At the thought Blaine’s stomach locks up, heart thudding painfully in his chest.

He takes Kurt’s hand, care of the IV. For a moment he stares at the blue-purple of the bruises on Kurt’s knuckles, how wrong they look against his perfect, pale skin. Blaine has never seen marks on Kurt of any kind unless he left them there, and these are so startlingly different from love bites and scratch marks that for a second Blaine almost loses it, can feel the huge, uncomfortable bubble of a sob clawing its way up his throat.

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Fic: Wounds


So I needed some more Blaine this week. Poor, darling, complicated Blaine. (He is, as all of my POV characters are, unreliable narrators… or at least their view of the world is not necessarily the same as mine. I feel the need to state that fact from time to time around here.)

Thanks to Stoney and Liz, who make me work harder and keep me honest. Awesome friends are awesome.

Title: “Wounds”
Author: flaming muse
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: Teen
Word count: 5200
Summary: There are different kinds of wounds.
Spo!lers: set within 5x15 (“Bash”), no spo!lers beyond
Warnings: related to and discussion of canonical assault
Disclaimers: The characters belong to various corporate Powers That Be. I make absolutely no profit from playing with them.
Distribution: Please ask.  All of my fic is available on LJ and on the AO3.
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Reminder: I am spo!ler-free!

Fic: No Boys Allowed


Author: ckofshadows

Pairing: Kurt/Blaine

Rating: PG

Summary:  Blaine was totally fine about not being invited to Mercedes’s “girls only” sleepover… until he found out who was invited.

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No one’s gonna harm you…


I’m happy when I see you happy

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