summer!klaine as requested by the awesome indi~! LOVE YA BEAN ;3;

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What would I do without your smart mouth?

Drawing me in, and you kicking me out

(part 1 of 4)

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it was only a matter of time…


happy fourth of July!!! 

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prompt: silly ficlet based on this boy meets world gifset - aka blaine sees kurt’s butt for the first time and it’s a life-changing experience.

takes place the summer between s2 and s3.

Kurt’s still blushing, changed into his swim trunks and sitting at the end of the bed where Blaine is currently starfished out, his eyes closed and his face a picture of bliss.

"Blaine," Kurt says slowly, wryly. "How long are you going to lie there?"

"I’m still recovering," Blaine says after a beat, his lips tugging up into a lazy, self-satisfied smile. He looks as dreamy as ever, sprawled out on Kurt’s bed like this, but then he opens his mouth and Kurt’s rolling his eyes again. "I’m replaying the moment in my head so I never forget it."

"Oh for the love of—" Kurt grabs a pillow, smacking Blaine square in the chest with it. "If you’re going to be this ridiculous I’m not going to let you watch me get changed anymore."

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anonymous prompted: So you should like write a fic in which blaine and rachel are freshman nyada students and after their first show rachel asks blaine to join her and her dad, Kurt, to dinner, but then rachel has to run away and they’re left alone..aaand love happens:)

Rachel’s already in the hallway by the time Blaine rushes out there, still sweaty and breathless and grinning broad enough that it begins to hurt his cheeks. She envelops him in a hug that he returns, squeezing her back and laughing when she squeals and jumps up and down.

“You were amazing!” she gushes, bright-eyed and gleaming slightly with sweat.

“Not as amazing as you, Miss Berry,” Blaine teases, flicking Rachel’s shoulder. “I can’t believe you nailed that note! I told you.”

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my commission from luckypressure! lacrosse!blaine and cheerio!kurt *u* it’s perfect i love it thank you so much!

"Blaine was never going to be Kurt’s love interest at all. He was gonna be much more of a mentor character, but they had so much chemistry and there was such an immediate outcry…" - Ryan Murphy, EW

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blaine anderson’s snapchats to kurt hummel


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